Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blue Moon Cottage: Romance and Relaxation right here in Franklin!

When clients ask me about unique and romantic places to stay for their wedding night or weekend, I have to admit I have a short list! The Hermitage Hotel is right there at the top for those wanting to be in Nashville, but for clients that want to stay in Williamson County, there is no better place than Blue Moon Cottage.

This incredible find is in the rolling countryside just east of Downtown Franklin is completely secluded and has all the amenities you could hope for. Bob and Susan Eidam, the owners and keepers, have anticipated every need and then some!

Susan invited me out for the Blue Moon experience and I was happy to accept, of course! I visited Blue Moon in early March - Oscar night actually! - and was lucky enough to have some amazing weather while I was there.

It's a one bedroom, one (amazing) bathroom private cottage on the Eidam's property with a locally and organically stocked kitchen, dining area, and sitting room.  They even have their own bottled spring water!

Love these vintage Tennessee postcards - the Cottage is full of unique touches like this.

Susan had prepared a delicious casserole for me, just waiting to be cooked. After my tour of the property, I stuck it in the oven and headed out to the totally private deck overlooking the acreage to read (A Year In Provence by Peter Mayle, great read) and watch the sunset.

This little video will give you an idea of just how quiet and secluded it is out there:

As the sun dropped, so did the temperature, so I headed inside to enjoy my dinner, curl up by one of the two fireplaces, and watch the Oscars. Did I cry when Sandra Bullock won? You bet I did! Farm kitty Heart Sparkles (yes, that's her name) can vouch for it, since she came in and snuggled with me on couch for a while.

 On to my favorite part! In my "dream home", I've always imagined a fireplace in both the Master Bed and Bath, and Blue Moon combines those into one! Brides - I think this is a great place for you to unwind the night before the wedding. Bring your maid of honor, or just book a night alone, and give yourself a chance to really relax and prepare for the next day. While you're at the wedding, Susan will redress the cottage with Champagne and rose petals for your and your new husband to come home and enjoy!

If you take your time to notice the decor, you'll see lots of these vintage "Blue Moon" pieces tucked around. I also love her use of antique suitcases!

Before I left in the morning, of course I had to have my morning cup of coffee on the deck. This is a woman after my own heart! :)

I can't say enough about this gem - it's perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or if you're like me, just a much needed getaway to relax! Call Susan today at 615.497.4518 to schedule your trip!