Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Want to tell YOUR story?

I recently came across Focal Point Cinematic, a stand-out videography service here in Middle Tennessee (see our link to their blog on the right). Kelsey was kind enough to send me the link to their newest service, called the LoveStory. It is so fantastic! This is a great way to have a tangible storytelling of how you and your significant other met, fell in love, and all the great things you adore about each other. Not only that, the uses of this throughout your engagement and wedding are endless!

Take a moment to watch John & Erin's LoveStory - I'm sure you'll find them as adorable as I did (and I've never even met them!).

John and Erin LoveStory from FocalPoint Cinematic Weddings on Vimeo.

Even if videography isn't in your budget for the big day, consider creating this special video of the two of you to cherish for years to come. I'll definitely be telling all my clients!