Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Thank You" Tips

Even in this digital age, a hand-written thank you note is still the best way to show your appreciation. In the world of weddings, there is a lot to be thankful for! What better way to say thanks than with a personalized thank you note or stationery. 

When it comes time for you to write your thank yous, here are a few tips and guidelines:

  • Thank You notes for gifts received at the wedding should be written no more than a couple weeks after returning from the honeymoon. Some say no more than 3 months after the wedding. Don't wait too much longer. Guests may think you forgot about them, the gift was lost or you simply didn't like it. Prior to the wedding, it is proper to write a note as you receive the gifts. Rule of thumb, the sooner the better. After all, they were generous enough to spend money on you two.
  • Hand write your Thank You notes. It is more personal and expresses sincerity. Never, ever send a card with a pre-printed message.
  • Be specific. Don't be vague. Example: "Thank you so much for the blender. John and I LOVE it and can't wait to make smoothies." VS. "Thank you for the gift. We love it!"
  • Be careful about "re-gifting". (Let's admit it. We've all done it before!) If you're in the same social circle as the person who gave it to you, finding out you're passing off their gift is likely to be hurtful.
  • Thank You notes aren't just for gifts. Show gratitude to someone who hosted a shower, came to your bachelorette party or helped you style your hair. Be sure to thank your friends who spent a lot of time and money as your attendants. However, it's okay thank them for a gift in the same note and kill two birds with one stone.
  • It's not just the Bride's job to do the writing. The Groom can also be involved, especially since you may not know someone as well as he does. Just make sure someone sends a card. Although one of you will be writing the card, use the word "we" instead of "I."
  • Thank them for also coming to the wedding, especially the out-of-towners. Example: "We're so glad you traveled all the way to celebrate with us!"
  • Although this may sound silly, blue or black ink should be used. Save the fun colors for your "To Do" and shopping lists, not the Thank You card.
  • If you receive cash as a gift, it's a great idea to say what you're going to spend it on. It's much better to say you're going to spend it on a dish set, toaster oven or date night than your cable bill.
  • Although you know your aunt (or fill in name) bought you the gift, still address it to your aunt AND uncle.
And importantly... AGAIN... be sure to write a Thank You note! Check out some ideas below. For more, click here.

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