Friday, September 11, 2009

A Wedding of Friends - Sarah & Jesse, September 6

I had a rare experience this weekend - I (Amy) actually got to GO to a wedding as a guest! It has truly been years since that happened!

My sweet, beautiful friends Sarah & Jesse were married on Sunday, September 6, and they insisted that I not lift a finger at the ceremony or the reception, and have a good time with our friends instead - and that we did! They had a lovely wedding at First Lutheran church in Downtown Nashville, followed with a reception at Flyte Restaurant.

Besides having a great night, I also got introduced to the work of their friend and photographer, Brandon Chesbro, and I really love what I saw! He's such a nice guy - very calm and collected during the event - and the pictures are fantastic (not that hotties like Sarah and Jesse can hurt!!). See for yourself! Can't to find a wedding to work together on.

Check out his new website, for more weddings and to contact Brandon!

Love you Sarah & Jesse!!