Friday, June 26, 2009

Glam Time!

We say all the time how blessed we are to have great working relationships and friendships with the very best vendors in town, and I have to say we hit the jackpot with our go-to Make-Up girl, Amy Lynn Larwig! She takes a completely unique approach to each and every face she does, so that YOU shine through. Equally important, she really understands photography and the role that make-up plays in making you look naturally fantastic on your wedding day in front of those incredibly detailed lenses.

Recently a newlywed herself, Amy Lynn shared her amazing wedding photos with me that were taken by Chris and Adrienne Scott. I've heard so much about them, but never had a chance to meet them or work with them yet. However, it turns out that our June 5, 2010 client has booked them for her wedding here at CJ's next year, and after seeing these photos of Amy Lynn and Mark, I can't WAIT to see how CJ's looks through their lens!

I couldn't help but share this genius collabo-palooza! Enjoy!

Mark & Amy Lynn - The After Session