Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A WCW Fav: Chuck Arlund!

CJ and I are so fortunate to have some many amazing photographers that we love to work with and who love to work with us - I wish we had hundreds of a weddings a year so we could work with them all as many times as we'd like to!

One that we've worked with from our early days is Chuck Arlund of Arlund Imagery and I just can't say enough about him. His work certainly speaks for itself - he makes everyone who goes in front of his lens look like a supermodel. Sometimes people think the images on his site are "mock-weddings" because they look so exquisite, but they're real! Chuck (aka Chuckie around WCW!) has a true gift for capturing romance and intimacy in his shots, while still making you look glamourous and, well, hot!

And if talent wasn't enough, his personality can put the shyest bride or hesistant groom right at ease, which allows you to get once in a lifetime pictures of the one you're in love with - naturally! When I look back on clients of mine that he's shot I can see how he captured the unique aspects of each couple's relationship.

Check out some of my favorite shots here...and stay tuned for the headshots he'll be taking of me soon. If he can make ME cute, he's really got a gift! :)
I LOVE seeing couples have lots of fun and laughter on their wedding day!

Rock stars!!

How cool is the reflection of her father in this shot?

And of course we have to share a few of our own - Jennifer & Steve and Britt & Matt.