Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring has sprung at CJ's!

CJ and I are so lucky to be able to have our offices at CJ's Off the Square with all its charm and personality (and lack of cubicles!), but there's a window of time - after we take down the Holiday decorations and before the weather warms up - that our sweet garden lacks its magic.

But have no fear, because it's back and bigger than ever! We definitely feel our spirits lift and we have a spring in our step once the garden is in bloom, so we wanted to share a bit of that with you!

Let's take a little tour, shall we...
First up are the Azaleas - they only bloom once a year, usually the middle two weeks of April - and we are SO glad that we have a wedding tomorrow so they can be enjoyed!!

There are also some lavendar Azaleas out in the front, which bloomed a little earlier than the white.

Not entirely sure what the name of this feathery small tree is but I think it's in the Japanese Maple family. I love the light coming through the leaves!

This is our one lone tulip - don't know where he came from, but we're glad he's here! :)

The hydrangeas will be along later this spring but they're already starting to bud!

One of the few remaining blossoms on the Dogwood tree...

A spot of color on our ground cover...

The Willowood Viburnum is in full bloom, which gives a great background to the Pond and the waterfalls.

Even our fishies are enjoying the weather!

And of course the pansies give lots of color to the front planters and the beds that run along the Pavilion.

Not sure what these little blue fellas are but I love them! I'll have to ask Pete and Edgar, our landscapers extraordinairre, when they're here next!

I love love love our wine colored Japanese Maple - I swear it has doubled in size since I started here in 2006.

Well there it is folks! The garden's first month of glory - hope you enjoyed the tour!