Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Need a little coaching?

Well then we've got the gal for you!

Liza Hippler is a bridal coach now offering her expertise to Nashville brides. What is a bridal coach, you may ask? Visit her website, http://www.maidentomarried.com/ for more detail, but its easiest to tell you who she is by telling you who she's NOT.

First of all, she's not a wedding planner - that's us! :) Wedding planners exist to help you navigate the creative and logistical waters required to produce the wedding of your dreams. Our job has two important aspects: 1) to see the entire process from above and ensure that an cohesive vision is being executed on a pre-determined scale and budget and 2) to be the switchboard at the center of all information and decisions to keep order and priority in place.

Secondly, she's not a pre-marital counselor. Your pastor or counselor works with you, as a couple, to create the best foundation for your relationship possible before the wedding day approaches. This is a collaborative process between you and your fiance.

So what DOES she do? She is a life coach, specifically catering to the woman who is in her engagement and beyond. It is her goal to help you be fully present in your engagement and wedding day, on every level, and as she says on her website, "Coaching brides and their families through the emotional and psychological transition from single woman to wife and on into the first months of marriage."

We all get overwhelmed and distracted from time to time, but certainly one of the last places we want to lose our focus is preparing for our weddings. It is a big decision and an even bigger transition - a bridal coach like Liza is there to make sure you're taking each step intentionally and thoughtfully, the outcome of which is a incredible wedding and a solid marriage!

We encourage you to visit her website and chat with her for even more information!