Monday, March 9, 2009

Invitation of the Week

Happy Spring Everyone! Well, it is not yet spring officially, but I think the birds and the sunshine here in Franklin have a different opinion! I bring you this latest post from my living room, where all of my are windows flung open and enjoying a most delightful breeze along with my 4th cup of coffee. It makes me think of the Snow Patrol song "Crack the Shutters" which is in the current office music mix (great song...okay CD. Eyes Wide Open is a masterpiece that is hard to top).

Okay, the coffee habit comes from super chilly winter mornings and I will have to ween myself back down to a cup or two soon. But all that aside, I can't wait to finish up some of my desk work so I can go outside and enjoy this beautiful day!

I thought I would start a new post series to highlight some of my favorite boutique items each week and brag a little on our clients who have such great taste in paper. I invite you to share your thoughts with us. Amy and I would love to see this blog become more interactive and dynamic so please share your comments with us.

Now on with the Invitation of the Week:

A while back, I mentioned that black and white with an accent color seemed to be the look for 2009 weddings. I also have to say that the reverse is true...using a bold color, and then accenting in black or white. Both create major impact and evoke an instant reaction when first revealed.
There is nothing subtle about either of these looks...and I think that is what appeals to so many of our clients.

Take a look at these bold and beautiful invites from our boutique. Don't you just want to RSVP right away!? I can tell that the couple who sends these out know how to have a great time and I wouldn't want to miss the big event!

What do you think? --CJ